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We now mainly curate our playlists through Musosoup, but will still be looking at submissions through our forms. Please give us 2 - 4 weeks to get back to you or send us an email at

Checkout our Playlists Below & Submit to the Best Playlist for your track

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This is a playlist curated in part by our Community! Check it out and let us know what you think of it as well as who you think should be added to this list! We are capping off at 100! so Don't let this be one of those times you procrastinate! #muchlove

Maximum Creativity

Maximum Creativity, hosted by Rat King, is a playlist that covers songs that are different then the rest, whether that's through production, topic, or otherwise. This is the place to find all that is       UNIQUE UNDERGROUND

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We host live song reviews every Saturday at 4pm CST on our TikTok. You can either email us your link or song to or click the link and add your song to our spotify
playlist. Show up and Show some love!

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See you Soon!

Each song that we review will be added to the Ascendance Family Playlist. To show some love or give advice check out the playlist and let us know what you think about the songs, or offer any critiques for the artists. Make sure your feedback is constructive!

Ascendance Family Playlist

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