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What's up Ascendance Family! We have an entire team ready to work for you! From Mixing/Mastering, all the way to classes to help develop your communication skills! We all have different levels of experience within our services and have priced each service accordingly, some even being free at times! We look forward to growing with you and building a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts. Check out our services below. We have also included some pretty awesome external resources and services that will help you elevate your career or networking!

**Included in Monthly Raffle

  • **Social Media Post, starting at $5


^^Free option available

(NA) Currently not accepting

  • **Mix with me Monday (Email for details) starting at $7

  • Single Mix & Master

  • Album / EP Mix & Master, TBD

  • **Behind the song, Starting at $15

  • **Short Form Lyric Video, starting at $7

  • Basic Lyric Video , starting at $30

  • **Short form creative edit, TBD

  • Music Video, TBD


  • **Vocal features, starting at $20

Artist Development

  • **^^Reaction Video to song, starting at $7

  • **^^Interview, starting at $10

  • Album review, starting at $15

  • **Artist Bio Write up

  • **Song Writing


  • ^^Instagram Story Post, starting at $1

  • Creative post to snippet of song


As a much more accepting alternative to Submithub and platforms just like it, we want to introduce you to Musosoup. Below, we have included an excerpt from their site that we believes to be the most valuable things about them! 

"Firstly, we’ll listen to your music before you make any payment to ensure that it’s of a good enough quality to have success with our curators.

Unlike other submission platforms that ask for a payment per submission to each individual curator, we ask for a one off payment, and just one submission will put your music in front of the right people."

Mukonni offers more than just an updateable EPK but a link from that EPK to a chart to match up how you compare with other artists. You will get a clean and professional looking EPK as well as outlets for other platforms to hear your music for the low price of $10 a month. 

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