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Introducing RISE & Shine song reviews with Ascendance, a place where you can discover your new favorite independent musician. 


RISE & Shine offers both music creators and enthusiasts the opportunity to show their support for emerging musicians by listening to their songs and providing genuine reviews and ratings. The significance of honesty in these reviews is self-explanatory; constructive feedback is crucial for growth. Don't worry, you have the option to remain anonymous if you prefer. So, do us - and yourself - a favor by taking a moment to listen to the tracks of these three artists and sharing your sincere feedback.

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Most Recent TOP TRACK

Mari Mix - Truancy


Community Score: 4.5 / 5


IMG_5396 - KrisWitak.jpeg

"Nothing is perfect, relationships are brutal especially ending one. This song details the end of a past relationship even though I wasn’t ready for it to go. I was upset that I changed so much of me and pain I endured to make the relationship work just to be left. It was a mix of sadness and anger. I think it’s one of my best songs being able to take that emotion and translate it into song."


Marinez - Party On The West

inbound8271002151539949417 - Chris Marinez.jpg

"A homage to 90's feel good WestCoast Hip-Hop, featuring a mid-song skit with DJ Quik and my son Isaiah, and Samanda Marie on the hook performing an updated rendition of the classic hook from DJ Quik's song "Pitch In Ona Party"


Toshi - Cleanse

IMG_4481 - Toshi Jain.HEIC

"Sometimes splitting your needs from your wants is everything. Knowing what's healthy for you and what's not. When to pay attention and when to ignore. Who to indulge and who to let go of. Simply put: you are what you eat, and sometimes you gotta go on a cleanse and eat your veggies."


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