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Raven Nicole (Jackson-Garcia) born January 19, 1994, is an Independent American rapper, songwriter, and producer from Texas.

Although she grew up making music with her siblings, her first Official Song “Find You” wasn’t released until 2019. And is still a favorite for many fans.

Instead of waiting to “Perfect” her craft she decided to release music mixed and mastered to the best of her abilities, allowing her fans and followers to go through the trial and error process that is progress. Her latest release “Progress” ironically so, is an example of the progress she has made with her mixing abilities. 

The reason she has decided to release music in this manner is because her main goal is to promote love while erasing the idea of perfection. She figures the best way to do this is to allow the world to watch her progress and hopefully join along with a journey of their own. 

Some of her musical influences include CHIKATierra Whack , Juice WRLDNF, and Childish Gambino

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