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What Does Foxgluvs Say

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Foxgluvs, aka Cole, is a 19 year old pop-punk artist from Seattle who says their music crosses over many genres. My Chemical Romance, Cavetown and Yungblud are a few of their top musical influences, and sum up their musical sound quite well, too. They say they discovered most of their musical influences through the internet, not locally, although they do draw influence from some of the big Seattle bands like Nirvana. So far, Foxgluvs has written, recorded and mixed all of their music themselves, aside from some guitar riffs their dad recorded for them. His dad is in a rock band called December in Red, and is a huge influence on his musical taste and style as well.

Foxgluvs' music features a lot of acoustic and electric guitar, as well as virtual instruments. He says he's been playing guitar since age 14, though before that was always playing with his dad’s guitars without knowing what he was doing. They’ve released four songs so far, with the latest song “July” being the single for their upcoming album “Hour of Violet.” There’s a lot of sunrise/sunset themed imagery in the album that symbolizes new beginnings and letting go of the past. There are also a lot of contrasting warm summer and cold winter themes. When asked about their songwriting process, Foxgluvs says they try to create something relatable that will evoke strong emotions from the listeners, without being cliche.

Q: What's some advise you'd give to a new musician?

A: Record every idea because you’ll regret not, no mix is too shitty, actually release something once in a while.

Q: Is your song creating process always the same?

A: There are some staples to my process, but it’s never the exact same. If I know what it’s going to sound like from day one, that makes it more streamlined. Often what I’ll do is record a scratch guitar track into an empty project and make the skeleton of a song, leave it on the shelf for a few months and then come back to it.

Q: Any other projects you’re currently working on?

A: I do some producing for other artists including Asher - we are working on an alter ego concept album rock opera type ncr “welcome to the black parade” type dark vibe; an EP for AL!! - we already have a song out called BPD that I produced for them that kind of blew up. I also have two more albums and an EP written. “Hour of Violet” is kind of pop punk/indie, like if All Time Low produced Cavetown songs. The second album will be more indie pop on the Conan Gray side; and the EP after that will be metalcore, but add trap drums.

We love the range of musical style and ability this young artist has already displayed, and cannot wait to hear what's next from them! Be sure to follow Foxgluvs on Instagram and your favorite music platform. Also, go watch or listen to the full interview where Foxgluvs gives us a little guitar solo and shows us a seven string guitar, which we didn't know existed before!

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