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Urban City Elegance by Cloud Ray-EP Review

Adam Hitchman, better known as Cloud Ray, is 25-year-old resides in New Jersey and is an upcoming star who genre blends House, Dance and Pop with his powerful Hip Hop sound. He's no newcomer to this industry as he's been creating since he was only 16 years old. He started with a focus in production and songwriting but has more recently pursued audio engineering as well. He is the full package as far as we're concerned. With sound influences like Nicki Minaj, The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West and J Cole, we know this EP 'Urban City Elegance' is going to blow us away.

"The EP was written with the intention of delivering truthful personal experience on a very general scale to maximize relatability."

"This is where the urban city lifestyle meets the elegance of pop music."


I think no matter what way the project is listened to, you can find your own story within the music and lyrics in any order.

In His Words: I am battling feelings of embarrassment and self-devaluation because I was in a short-lived relationship where I was led on and used.

In Our Words: Can't Blame U is a powerful start to his 5 track EP, Urban City Elegance. His rapping has great tone and character with lyrics that are tight in flow. We can definitely hear a Nicki Minaj influence in the verses. The hook is very well engineered and his voice is giving the track life. Great lyrically, high quality sound, and an overall bop. Can't get the song out of our heads!

In His Words: In Let Me Go, I am struggling with my conscience about leaving a relationship to free myself of the toxicities it held.

In Our Words: Let Me Go has a very pop sound in instrumental but the rapping reminded us of Justin Bieber or Tinie Tempah. Solid rapping infused with another amazing hook that is vocally so sound we don't believe anything could make the track better as far as mix and master is concerned. "You keep blurring the lines/Giving me another reason/To believe that we're okay" is such a relatable set of lyrics. We know many of us can easily relate to this track!

In His words: In Take, I finally found the courage to leave but I am hurt and realizing that most of myself was left in the relationship. I find myself pleading with them to Take whatever it is they need so I can move on.

In Our Words: From the start of 'Take', the instrumental is already a different sound to the first two songs. It may sound different to the first two songs but it's still a cohesive part of the project. The lyrics are again very relatable and the vocals are solid on this one. We're screaming "TAKE WHAT YOU WANT" at the top of our lungs with Cloud Ray after hearing this one!

In His Words: 404 User Not Found leads right into a celebration of my independence from the relationship and regaining of my personality.

In Our Words: Cloud Ray came in strong with his song '404 User Not Found.' His flow through the verses are clean while his hook is well sung and bound get trapped in your mind. The instrumental is very Hip Pop and we are living for it. "You can try to erase me/But I know that I haunt you" is such a mood. Though it felt like a short track, it's one that can be put on repeat without becoming annoying. Very well done.

In His Words: Feel Good is really just about me living my best life and being a little bit of a slut. I think after committing to someone for the time that I did and considering how ugly it became, it's okay for me to distract myself even if it's temporary. In the end, I am only human.

In Our Words: Feel Good is the perfect closer for this well put together EP. The Little Mermaid line in the first verse was nasty in the best way. Lyrically we loved this song and the instrumental is so eclectic but still so perfectly meshing. From the energy to the production this song is the chef's kiss to this project.

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