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Song Review for Ceyeo - Summer Love

A lot of the music we review is in the hip-hop category, but we accept all genres and love hearing the variety of creativity you talented artists have. When we saw the song title "Summer Love," we had assumptions that it would be a turn-up party bop. We were pleasantly surprised that Ceyeo actually came through with a much more chill, laid back almost reggae vibe!

Ceyeo is a Chicago based artist that says his music combines rock, hip-hop and R&B, and "Summer Love" definitely shows off this alternative sound well. The male and female vocals that they layer in stacks of harmonies give the track a comforting fullness. The lyrics tell a relaxing story of ways people are enjoying the hot weather, and each other's company; it almost feels like we're walking down the street with them, seeing what their neighbors are doing as we pass.

The instrumentation in this song builds in complexity as it goes, keeping you listening and invested in what will come next. It starts off nice and simple with guitar, bass and drums, but as the pre-chorus and chorus come in they also add brass; there is a saxophone sample that has a high pitch and does a crescendo that's distracting from the rest of the production, but that was one of our only criticisms about "Summer Love." Otherwise, we felt that the storytelling, mix and overall production was really well done and enjoyable.

If you're looking for a song to chill in the sun to, we recommend having a listen to Ceyeo's "Summer Love" and let us know what you think! And, watch our reaction video over on YouTube.

If you're a musician and want your song reviewed too, you can submit it to us here.

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