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Song Review: ET, Yung Xiim - Last Laugh

When it comes to Connecticut based rappers, I'm not the best to ask. Outside of Chris Webby or Apathy, I wasn't familiar with too many musicians from there, which is why it's incredibly lucky that I ran into ET and Yung Xiim. Two versatile artists with an incredible recent release called "Last Laugh". I'm not going to claim it's the greatest rap song I've ever heard. There are a few tweaks I would've made to the mixing, and some of the lyracism is contrived, but overall that doesn't make it a bad song by any means. It has a chill vibe that is unshakable, great performances from both artists, and a strong beat that helps the track float across your headphones or speaker set. One of the strongest tricks this song uses to entice the ear is with the vocal editing, catching your attention from both a mixing and layering position. Well placed ad libs carry along catchy performances, allowing both of the artists to have the time with the song that they need. Both verses also feel well paced, not going on too long, and not cutting too quickly.

This leads to producer Encore, who leads the song with some great bass mixing and classic drums. Pieces of violin and guitar also bring the beat along well, creating a floatyness that is unmistakable. The slow, good, dark energy emitting from each pound of the bass or snap of the hi-hat brings this entire piece into a good position, making it easy to listen to and much more memorable than that of similar songs in the independent scene. Overall, this song brings the heat. It's not perfect, but it's very good, carrying a strong chill vibe that encapsulates me when listening. I'd give this song a 7.5. Consider it added to the personal playlist and ready for my next time I finally get to chill. AND REMEMBER YALL! Much Love. Rat King

[Picture of ET and Young Xiim from their EPK] LINK TO LAST LAUGH ON SPOTIFY

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