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Dumb Funk by RHY EP Review

22-year-old Perth-based producer and songwriter RHY creates genre-bending, infectiously feel-good dance music characterised by a refreshing blend of colourful synths, funky guitars, bouncing rhythms and belt-able melodies. Believe it or not, RHY didn't release their debut track until March of 2021 which was understandably picked up by The Jungle Giants and selected as a winner in the Smirnoff's Ads for Artists campaign. That release may have only been the start for him but he certainly has not slowed the pace down. This EP includes the aforementioned song along with his international collaborative song that caught the attention of Martin Garrix. Let's dive into the funk!

"I always write with live shows in mind so I’m really looking forward to playing these with the band at the EP launch. We’ve put together unique arrangements for these tunes plus some other goodies and a few special guests. Will be a big, dumb, funky party."

Dumb Funk provides a vibe for many occasions, different moods and a good time!

"DUMB FUNK is pretty much my brain in EP form."


DUMB FUNK deconstructs my thoughts and what makes me tick as well as what ticks me off. It’s about overthinking, overcommitting, under thinking and under committing, but in the same breath acknowledging the struggle and being cool with it.

In Our Words: Right in Front of Me has groovy synths and smooth vocals which provided a very strong start to this project. This track sounds like it should be a song from a Netflix original series. We loved the vibes and we appreciate the professional quality. Lines like "what I don't know can't hurt me" and "I'm not afraid, I'm just easy to sway" are not only relatable lyrics but the way they're sung keep it in your head on a loop. His tone of voice combined with the unique instrumental is something that really makes him stand out. This style isn't as popular in the mainstream scene and we loved that he's bringing it to life!

In Our Words: We found this track even more groovy than the first. From the guitar to the bass with those smooth vocals, we couldn't help but become obsessed only two songs in. We could hear this one in a Netflix original series too. It's fun, it's catchy and the lyrics are just the chef's kiss. It's the quality for us!

In His words: ‘For Real’ was one of the first songs I produced on the EP but took much longer to work out lyrically, and I ended up writing it as a kind of follow-up to my debut single ‘Full Grown’. Where Full Grown is about being oblivious to love, For Real is about embracing it. I’m an overthinker through and through and that’s definitely expressed itself navigating a relationship. The production on the track has mainly modern R&B influence, which isn’t what I normally go for but it kinda just happened that way. I was listening to a lot of Honne and Kaytranada around that time which seeped in a bit I think.

In Our Words: For Real reminded us a bit of The 1975 and we couldn't have been more excited about that. RHY gave us another bop and it flowed right along with the first two tracks. There are so many little auditory easter eggs to enjoy in the background that add depth but don’t take away from the foreground and it all blends so nicely. The lines "'Cause the oxytocin made me feel a way/But it's the chain reaction made me wanna stay" is such a relatable set of lyrics. Hitting us in the feels while keeping it calm. This was a very chill vibe yet still had us wanting to get up and dance.

In Our Words: I Just Don't Get It has a similar vibe to the previous track yet still has it's own uniqueness that had us vibing through the whole song. The hook is catchy and swims through your mind after just one listen. Lyrically it is extremely relatable for most listeners. "I'm not sticking around if there's a chance I'm going down" and " "Not a meathead but you'll have to speak clear" are lines that hit too close to home for some us. Another splendid track that is professional sounding and smooth sounding.

In Our Words: Ten Minutes has a more acoustic vibe and sound but still maintains the flow of this project while adding a different feel. The intro was a tad long but didn't take from the song at all. It had a great build up to the start of the vocals which again are incredibly smooth and professional sounding. His tone is an addiction that we're not ready to quite give up. The lyrics are so catchy and intriguing that you can't help but listen through a few times to really grasp what's being said. Another work of art that keeps the project going in the right direction.


DUMB FUNK has been a chance for me to explore my sound as an artist and despite it being pretty diverse sonically, the end product feels cohesive as a whole.

In Our Words: "What if the start was all you ever knew" is the perfect start to the end of this project. The long intro built up the anticipation of yet another outstanding track. This song was the perfect end to the ep. It's upbeat and happy instrumental with vocals that sound so good, there really was no other way to end such a cohesive body of work but with the nostalgic vibes we heard in this one.

This project couldn't have been better. It was cohesive. It was funky. It was nearly perfect in our standards. His vocals are smooth, his lyrics are relatable, his flow is catchy and his sound is insanely professional. All of this compiled into one project is more than any listener could ask for. We said it several times above, but Netflix really needs to get some of these songs in their shows and movies because they'd be great additions to their already great music library.

We're incredibly proud to review this incredible project. It's clear that RHY is a musical force who is well on his way to taking the industry over with his unique sound and high quality. Be sure to follow RHY on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify! Get to know him now because he's slowly ascending to the top!

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