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We Want You To Join Our Team

All Positions Currently are unpaid. 

What's up fam? We are a growing group within the music community and we are looking for some dedicated people to join our team! To give you a bit of insight into who we are, we are a group of Independent Artists looking to grow within our careers but we don't want to do it alone. We want to help other Independent Artists get the spotlight that sometimes just graze right over them! Even if you aren't a musician but love music, we have room for you in our hearts and team. Below we have descriptions of each level we have currently that you can apply to be a part of! 


Good For: Someone who isn't good at commitment but still wants to grow as a person and artist. 

Able to: Join Feedback Fridays, Offer Suggestions, Be a guest interviewer, etc. 


Good For: Someone who is comitted, can take initiative but also good at taking direction. Someone who   can meet deadlines. 

Able to: Lead Feedback Fridays, Offer Suggestions, Be a Main interviewer, etc. 


Good For: Someone who goes above and beyond, takes intitave, good at delegating. Good at communicating, Someone who is okay with putting in alot of work because they see the vision. 

Able to: Weekly Meetings, Lead Feedback Fridays, Make Decisions , Be a Main interviewer, Delegates etc. 

Once you submit the form we will set up a time to meet with you and discuss! Thank you so much and we can't wait to get in touch with you fam!

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