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Artist Connect

Artist Connection & Collaboration

Artist Connect offers a chance for independent musicians with similar interests to come together, collaborate with each other, and exchange feedback.


This opportunity takes place virtually on Zoom. While the Zoom link remains constant, the time and date of each session may vary. To stay updated, please check back here regularly or follow us on social media for the latest updates on upcoming sessions.



Promotion & Playlisting

As a much more accepting alternative to Submithub and platforms just like it, we want to introduce you to Musosoup. Below, we have included an excerpt from their site that we believes to be the most valuable things about them! 

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Audio Engineer

Artist Sound Development

Unlock Your Sound and Join me on a journey of continuous improvement as we collaborate to shape and refine your unique musical identity. Together, let's take your tracks to the next level with mixing and mastering services tailored to your artistic vision. Improving your sound, perfecting your vibe - because your music deserves to be heard. **Donations only**

- Raven Nicole

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EPK & Artist Development

Mukonni offers more than just an updateable EPK but a link from that EPK to a chart to match up how you compare with other artists. You will get a clean and professional looking EPK as well as outlets for other platforms to hear your music for the low price of $10 a month. 

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