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Artist of the Month

Deadline to submit is sunday February 6th

Be cordial to every participant

Must attend at least one open mic & perform

Contest Rules

Join the Artist of the Month Groupchat on instagram

Must attend one zoom meeting to go over rules and clarify expectations & contests for each week. 

Vote your favorite artist of the week (cannot vote for yourself) each week by Tuesday

Contest Schedule

Submission Form Due by 5PM

First Zoom meeting 6pm

Second Zoom meeting 6pm

Final Zoom meeting 6pm

Artist Voting Due 5pm

All time deadlines are CST!

Open Mic   6pm on IG

Open Mic   6pm on IG

Open Mic   6pm on IG

Open Mic   6pm on IG

Winner Announced

Artist Voting Due 5pm

Artist Voting Due 5pm

Challenge 2 submissions due 5pm

Challenge 3 submissions due 5pm

Live Song Review 2pm on IG

Live Song Review 2pm on IG

Challenge1 Details

Follow the link below to enter the competition for Ascendance February Artist of the Month.

Your first submission will be a 30 second snippet of any of your songs released or unreleased. 

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