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Artists Behind Ascendance

Raven Nicole

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Motto : "Stay up, Be blessed, & Always Progress"

Raven Nicole is an Independent American rapper, songwriter, and producer from Texas. Instead of waiting to “Perfect” her craft she decided to release music mixed and mastered to the best of her abilities, allowing her fans and followers to go through the trial and error process that is progress to allow them to watch the journey and maybe be inspired to start their own. 


I intend to be a difference maker and a leader of change. I've never been one to stick to the rules and never intend to follow the crowd. I was raised to be who I am and to be proud of it. My ultimate goal is to inspire the uninspired and change lives by being able to relate to others and talk about "taboo" topics that others don't like to or won't acknowledge and speak on such as being queer, battling depression and anxiety, having had suicidal thoughts, etc.

Motto : "Inspire the Uninspired"

Jessica Jan

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Jessica Jan is an artist and producer from a small Canadian town with diverse musical influences. She loves listening to hard rock, EDM, pop, reggae, hip-hop… Whatever sounds good. As an artist, she creates dark trap, chill lo-fi, and modern type pop and has been compared to Billie Eilish and Evanescence. As a producer, she loves to delve into rock, EDM, and hip-hop. Jess is all about letting your freak flag fly and doesn't allow limitations or limited beliefs stop her from being a valuable part of the music community.


Motto : "Strive for Happiness!"

Yo! My name is Eddie but everyone calls me Ch3d and yes the E is a 3. I'm from the "Keep It Weird" Austin, Tx. My hobbies include making music, creating art, making people laugh and & eating pizza. (I love it). Come and check me out so you can find out more!



Frequently Asked Questions

"Why Do I Need A Song Review From You?"

Getting an unbiased song review is a great way of knowing where your music is and where you need to improve. Also each review is at least four spotify or soundcloud plays that will go towards your streaming revenue. 

"What can I gain from being featured on your blog?"

As an Independent Musician one of the most powerful things that can launch your career forward is socail proof. Many musicians achieve this by interviews, getting playlisted and getting published in blogs. Not only do we give you each of these highly sought out credentials regardless of skill level, but we also offer a community to grow and be a part of. 

"Who are you?"

We are a group of Independent Musicians cultivating a community of others to network and grow. 

"Where are you based?"

Most of the team is located in different parts of Texas while one is in Oregon and the other is in Canada.

"Why did you start Ascendance?"

As musicians ourselves we understand how hard this musican journey can be and how lonely. So many people say no before they hear you and we wanted to be the difference. We want to cultivate a space that is big enough for the voice you've hidden for too long.

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